Position: Sales Engineer

Tallamond, Inc. is hiring Sales Engineer to work in our office at Redmond, Washington. Job duties include but not limited to:
Collaborate with sales teams, customers, engineers and suppspaners to determine customers’ needs and technical requirements, prepare technical drafts, verify and confirm technical details, and procure suitable aviation equipment/parts and materials or recommend alternative products/solutions conforming to relevant industry standards, such as Federal Aviation Administration. (25%) Prepare samples, catalogs, and technical documentation/presentations and visit existing/prospective customers to explain and promote Tallamond’s products and services of aviation parts and materials. (15%) Sell and create contracts for US made aviation parts and materials and arrange for despanveries/inspections/tests of aviation equipment. (12%) Provide customers with after-sales supports regarding the use, operation, problem diagnosis, repair, and maintenance of installed equipment. (12%) Respond to and provide solutions for proposals for customized aviation equipment; provide suppliers with information for the development of customized aviation equipment; and contact suppliers periodically to update product inventory and technical iterations (10%) Monitor industry trends, competitor activities and the development of technologies and products to help Tallamond update product list and build up e-commerce platform (www.tallamond.com), and recommend improved aviation equipment/parts/materials and configurations to customers. (10%) Research aircraft parts distribution market, identify potential customers, develop sales plan accordingly, and report sales plan/forcasting to sales engineer manager for further activities.(8%) Document and maintain correct records of business transactions and account activities, and identify opportunities of resale or renewing order. (8%)


Minimum of Bachelor’s Degree in Equipment Engineering or a related field of study. Fundamental knowledge and comprehensive understanding of mechanical principles, mechanical manufacturing, engineering design, electronic technology, and thermodynamics technology. Systematic knowledge of engineering products, including design, drawing, manufacturing, installation, use and maintenance. Necessary understanding and knowledge of the construction and use of mechanical and electronic components. Strong learning skills with industry standards, updated technical solutions, and ISO9001:AS9120 which is quality management systems. Comprehensive understanding and correct interpretation of engineering design drawings and technical product parameters. Practical experience of equipment operating, testing and experiment. Knowledge of marketing, economics, e-commerce, business operations, strategic management, website design and Computer Software Techniques. Knowledge in marketing analysis methods, including market trends analysis; intense research and learning skills with aircraft parts distribution market, industry trends, competitor activities, and the development of technologies and products. Data manipulation skills with MS Excel, and its function for data cleaning and data integration; advanced Excel spreadsheet skills, such as Sort a list on conditions, write IF/SUMIF formula, Vlookup, PivotTables, different kinds of shortcuts, etc. Project management capabilities; and coordination and communication skills to develop a complete sales and promotion plan. Detail-focused to evaluate customers’ demand and purchase history and skills to converting new customers into valued customers; business-minded reporting necessary and essential information to sales engineer manager; and communicated skills with different roles like customers, suppliers, and engineers and the ability to solve problems with minimal cost while safeguarding the interests of the company Skills to integrate multiple third-party flatforms to help quotations, order placing and shipment tracking. Professional awareness and skills to provide complete after-sales support. Able to skillfully and independently use QuickBooks to document and maintain correct records of business transactions and account activities. If interested, please send resume to Dean Wang, service@tallamond.aero
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